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Sprint 125 S Euro 5+

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Blu Eclettico

Sprint 125 S Euro 5+


An intriguing look

The Vespa S Sprint brings a dynamic spirit to the product mix and embodies the unique character of previous generations of Vespa sporty models. Contrasting patterns highlight its sporty appearance, and black accents like the 6-spoke spiral aluminium wheels and rectangular headlight frame give it a refined touch.


Full of personality

You'll enjoy a hard-core riding style with the Vespa Sprint S that adapts to your daily energy levels. The all-steel body that is both protective and compact, along with the 12" wheels, are the secrets to its handling and agility. Furthermore, the cutting-edge i-get Euro 5 engine achieves the ideal mix between exceptional performance and economical fuel use.

Innovative energy

Thanks to a multifunction instrument panel with an LCD display that gives you access to all the performance data you require for your scooter, the Vespa Sprint S connects all your senses while you're riding. Additionally, you can add Vespa MIA, which links to your smartphone and allows you to play music, make calls using voice commands, and answer calls using the handlebar controls.