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Primavera Elettrica Euro 5

Bianco Innocente Verde Amabile Nero Convinto
Bianco Innocente

Primavera Elettrica Euro 5

Easy Recharging

The Vespa Primavera consistently advances in its aim to maximize comfort and practicality for everyday commuting. Its easily rechargeable removable battery, along with the user-friendly ECO, SPORT, and REVERSE modes, ensure effortless management of performance and range. Moreover, equipped with a USB port in the glovebox and a spacious under-seat compartment capable of storing a helmet, it offers convenience and functionality.


Silent and Eco-Friendly

Witnessed without sound. The latest Vespa Primavera Elettrica boasts a potent yet silent motor, ensuring a smooth journey without adding to the noise pollution in urban areas. Through its cutting-edge technology and eco-friendly attributes, it minimizes emissions while maintaining top-notch mobility and performance.

Elegant Shape and Colours

A sophisticated, modern design seamlessly modernizes the enduring style and inherent grace of the Vespa Primavera. Embracing the hallmark characteristics of a contemporary perspective, self-reliance, and meticulous aesthetics, it manifests in three fresh color combinations impeccably matched with refined colored accents. Presenting the carefree Bianco Innocente in white, the spirited Nero Convinto in black, and the contemporary Verde Amabile in green.