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Primavera Elettrica 45 RED Euro 5

Rosso RED
Rosso RED

Primavera Elettrica 45 RED Euro 5

The (RED) that makes a difference

A new chapter in an epic story that blends beauty, excitement, and a sense solidarity is marked by (VESPA PRIMAVERA) RED Elettrica. One of a kind in its class, it skillfully blends traditional design elements with cutting-edge technology, generating a striking visual impression with its vivid red livery that makes it instantly recognisable. Red highlights the scooter's silhouette for an even more unmistakeable appearance, from the bodywork to the five-spoke rims and the ergonomic seat covered in soft Nubuck.


Looking to the future

The (VESPA PRIMAVERA) RED Elettrica is an environmentally friendly option. Its silent engine makes it the ideal scooter for future cities, cutting emissions and granting riders access to areas with limited traffic zones.
Offering convenient and useful charging wherever and whenever you desire, the detachable lithium-ion battery is incredibly adaptable.

Technology and style

The (VESPA PRIMAVERA)RED Elettrica is built to meet all of your transportation needs.
You can rely on an easy-to-use, intuitive LCD display that, when paired with Vespa MIA, may function as an extension of your smartphone, providing the full riding experience. Energy savings and maximum visibility are offered by full LED lighting.



Founded by Bono and Bobby Shriver in 2006 to fight AIDS, (RED) partners with brands and people to create products and experiences that raise money, awareness, and urgency for the fight to end AIDS and pandemics. In 2016, Vespa joined forces with (RED) to help raise funds and support critical programs that empower health workers and provide testing, treatment, and care in places where injustice has enabled pandemics to thrive.