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Primavera 125 Euro 5+

Arancio Impulsivo Bianco Innocente Verde Amabile Blu Energico Nero Convinto
Arancio Impulsivo

Primavera 125 Euro 5+


The essence of an icon

Timeless design elements blend with modern touches. The sleek, chrome-accented Vespa Primavera adds a modern touch and a vivid colour scheme to the brand's distinguished history.



Not just attractive, but agile too

With its Euro 5+ i-get engine, the Vespa Primavera offers a dependable and comfortable ride. You can be certain that your scooter's dynamic performance will grab attention as well as its attractive appearance when you're out and about in traffic.


A cutting-edge work of art

The Vespa Primavera hides a world of innovation beneath its timeless exterior. Key travel and scooter status information is provided by the smart dashboard, but Vespa MIA allows you to customise the experience even further. With the help of this accessory, you can use the handlebar buttons on your Vespa to accept calls, manage your music, and make calls using voice commands on your phone.