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GTS 300 Euro 5

£5,450 £6,200
Beige Avvolgente Verde Amabile Nero Convinto
Beige Avvolgente

GTS 300 Euro 5

The elegance that has always marked Vespa is understated, simple, and elegant. a design intended for people who wish to experience their trips quickly and simply.


Iconic style

The Vespa GTS has undergone meticulous attention to even the tiniest detail. Bright, glossy colours, matching interiors and seats, chrome accents for added elegance, and even the beloved "knot" that is such a distinctive aspect of the Vespa's front have received a modern makeover.

Full of character and features

The Vespa GTS has many features that make it incredibly user-friendly, like keyless ignition, remote seat opening, a useful USB port, and Bike Finder for quick location in crowded parking places. However, there's still more. Even the most mundane task may be made into an enjoyable adventure thanks to the Vespa's 300cc HPE engine, one of the best-performing Vespa motors ever installed.


Enhanced safety

The Vespa GTS now has new levels of control and handling thanks to recent developments. Dual disc brakes, ABS, and ASR traction control, along with a completely new suspension system, guarantee stability on even the roughest roads and more accurate, effective braking.