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GTS 125 Euro 5

£4,850 £5,350
Beige Avvolgente Verde Amabile Nero Convinto
Beige Avvolgente

GTS 125 Euro 5

Simply irresistible

Iconic style

Every little aspect of the Vespa GTS has been given careful consideration. Bright, glossy colours are used throughout, the seat and interiors coordinate, chrome accents lend an extra touch of elegance, and even the beloved "knot," which is such an iconic aspect of the Vespa's front, has been given a modern makeover.



Enhanced safety

With the most recent improvements, the Vespa GTS is now more controllable and manageable. The entirely new suspension, dual disc brakes, and ABS enable effective braking and provide traction on even the slickest roads.

Comfort first

Take it easy

The comfort is at its peak. With the Vespa GTS, you may enjoy features like keyless starting, remote seat opening, a convenient USB port for on-the-go device charging, and the Bike Finder function for simple scooter identification in a congested parking area. The 125cc single-cylinder engine is the jewel in the crown, with its rapid acceleration and low fuel consumption making it ideal for a carefree urban lifestyle.